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2018 Graduates

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Region 5
Region 6
Region 7
Region 8

Region 1
Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Drew Aldridge 04/23/2000 AOGC UNC
Valerie Aubley 07/04/2000 Airborne (CA) Cornell
Rachel Bain 10/27/1999 Olympus (UT) BYU
Whitney Barksdale 11/22/1999 Head Over Heels (CA) Boise State
Rebekah Bean 02/26/2000 Bare Foot BYU
Mayson Bentley 07/14/2000 Southern Utah Southern Utah
Francis Bidwill 01/15/2000 Desert Devils Gymnastics Missouri
Sydney Birch 10/05/1999 Bare Foot Southern Utah
Liah Bosworth 06/13/2000 San Mateo Official Website UC Davis
Talia Brovedani 12/30/1999 Head Over Heels (CA) Washington
Miranda Cabada 05/02/2000 Precision (CA) Uncommitted
Jade Carey 05/27/2000 Arizona Sunrays Oregon State
Katie Chamberlain 03/07/2000 Paramount Elite Pittsburgh
Kayla Chan 11/18/2000 Wallers' GymJam Seattle Pacific
Charissa Chou 05/12/2000 Airborne (CA) Official Website Brown
Paige Christian 05/31/2000 Arizona Dynamics Arizona Christian A&T
Lauren Chu 03/13/2000 South Coast Gymnastics UC Davis
Krystina Ciardi 03/20/2000 Wallers' GymJam Rhode Island College
Milan Clausi 03/22/2000 Olympus Cal Berkeley
Lauren Cohen 03/18/2000 South Coast Gymnastics Uncommitted
Cortney Cunningham 12/09/1999 Pacific West UC Davis
Madison Dagen 12/27/1999 San Mateo Gymnastics Official Website Oregon State
Rachel Decious 05/05/2000 Gold Medal (AZ) Alaska
Wanda Deriot 01/20/2000 T.R.C. Gymnastics Sac State
Camille Dinsale 07/29/2000 Desert Devils Uncommitted
Hunter Dula 08/13/2001 All American (UT) Official Website Utah
Quincy Eisaman 04/07/2000 Flips USA Uncommitted
Emma Fullmer-Silvera 07/31/1999 Olympus (UT) Uncommitted
Emma Gable 01/15/2000 Pacific West Ursinus
Vannessa Gallagher 01/30/2000 Desert Gymcats Uncommitted
Tia Gin 09/12/2000 Performance Athletics San Jose State
Jensie Givens 05/16/2000 South Coast Gymnastics Alabama
Sanya Glauber 08/24/2000 Wildfire Gymnastics Maryland
Edie Noor Graber 07/07/2000 Broadway (CA) Penn
Lynse Griswold 10/26/2000 Dream Xtreme Profile | Website Uncommitted
Jasmine Gutierrez 09/10/2000 SCEGA Profile Arizona State
Savannah Gutierrez 02/04/2000 Precision (CA) Oregon A&T
Dakota Hacker 09/25/2000 Champion (Santee, CA) Arizona Christian A&T
Mina Harris 04/13/2000 Head Over Heels (CA) Uncommitted
Kaitlin Harvey 03/23/2000 Gold Medal (AZ) Arizona State
Grace Hedrick 02/02/2000 Accel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kelly Higginson 06/22/2000 SCATS HB Uncommitted
Kylie Hilton 04/13/2000 Head Over Heels (CA) Uncommitted
Karissa Hoffman 10/19/1999 Desert Lights Gymnastics Sac State
Danielle Hoover 11/17/2000 Arrowhead Spinetts Uncommitted
Samantha Hoston 06/20/2000 Byers Roseville San Jose State
Gabrielle Hubbard 09/21/1999 All American (UT) BYU
Iounona Iakounitcheva 02/29/2000 Technique (CA) Uncommitted
Hannah Inscho 08/28/2000 Carter's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Cristal Isa 08/04/2000 Gymcats Utah
Madison Isaak 10/09/2000 Clovis Gymnastics Uncommitted
Anna Jabs 11/27/2000 South Coast Gymnastics San Jose State
Talitha Jones 11/23/2000 Precision (CA) Cal
MacKinzie Kane 09/28/1999 Carter's Gymnastics Official Website Arizona
Ashley Kernan 11/03/2000 Paramount Elite BYU
Caitlin Kho 04/18/2000 Winners Gymnastics Southern Utah
Mary Kiilehua 01/04/2001 Gym World Central (AZ) Uncommitted
Amber Koeth 12/18/1999 Gymcats Sac State
Tara Kofmehl 07/06/2000 Arizona Dynamics Northern Illinois
Ally Kwan 09/19/2000 PDA USA (CA) Arizona
Sophia Lahmidi 12/26/1999 Wallers' GymJam Uncommitted
Nicolette Laventure 08/11/2000 Azarian Gymnastics Profile Uncommitted
Julianna Love 03/09/2000 TRC Uncommitted
Kara Lussier 09/13/2000 Wildfire Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jenna Mankowski 05/26/2000 Redwood Empire West Liberty A&T
Madison Mariani 11/26/1999 Arizona Dynamics Michigan
Antonia Marquez 05/07/2000 Desert Lights San Jose State
Melissa Mascarenas 08/23/2000 Arizona Dynamics Arizona
Alexis Mather 08/20/2000 Olympus (UT) BYU
Lauren Maxwell 05/24/2000 Accel Official Website Uncommitted
Makayla Maxwell 07/11/2000 Go For It Gymnastics Iowa State
Karley McClain 07/01/2000 All American (UT) Southern Utah
Allison McLaughlin 04/24/2000 Old Pueblo Gymnastics Uncommitted
Eve Micco 01/25/2000 Arizona Sunrays Stanford
Kenna Minakawa 10/04/2000 Pacific West Azusa Pacific A&T
Sadie Miner 08/01/2000 All American (UT) BYU
Taylor Miranda 07/09/2000 Dream Xtreme Official Website Sac State Rowing
Shylen Murakami 01/23/2000 Gymcats Southern Utah
Dejah Nash 12/18/1999 Champion (Santee, CA) Uncommitted
Nicole Nebel 09/13/2000 Wallers' GymJam Sac State
Madison Olson 10/25/2000 Wildfire Uncommitted
Carli Orcutt 08/09/2000 Arizona Dynamics San Jose State
Ashley Padilla 05/25/2000 Diamond Elite Cal Baptist Cheer
Isabelle Paquette 10/10/1999 AOGC Official Website Uncommitted
Miriam Perez 06/30/2000 AOGC Ohio State
Jolene Pichay 04/06/2000 Winners Gymnastics Uncommitted
Elizabeth Preza 05/01/2000 PDA USA (CA) Uncommitted
Adrienne Randall 02/29/2000 SCEGA Utah
Julie Ro 07/26/2000 Flip USA Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kierstin Rouse 04/09/2000 Gold Medal (AZ) Official Website Oregon A&T
Mari Sakamoto 10/02/2000 Josephson Academy of Gym Uncommitted
Samantha Sakti 11/05/2000 AOGC William & Mary
Tiarre Sales 08/11/2000 Gymcats Minnesota
Leah Salvagio 10/20/1999 Coastal Gymnastics Uncommitted
Breann Sanford 03/08/2000 Gymcats Arizona Christian A&T
Diana Santopietro 07/20/2000 Winners UC Davis
Danielle Santos 04/09/2000 Phoenix Gymnastics Uncommitted
Tiffany Scott 11/07/1999 Inland Empire Uncommitted
Alison Sheng 11/13/1999 Accel Gymnastics Uncommitted
Hannah Skepner 08/03/2000 Edge Gymnastics (CA) Uncommitted
Shannon Sklow 03/01/2000 Azarian Gymnastics UC Davis
Kloey Smith 02/25/2000 Gymnastics Nevada Converse A&T
Paige Sorensen 10/25/2000 Desert Devils Official Website Lindenwood
Claire Stastka 06/30/2000 Twisters (NorCal) Uncommitted
Emma Steffen 12/19/1999 Arizona Sunrays Uncommitted
Sara Taubman 12/20/1999 Head Over Heels (CA) UCLA
Stephanie Tervort 01/15/2000 Nebo Southern Utah
Megan Thompson 02/13/2000 Desert Lights Gymnastics Official Website Nebraska
Kayli Tran 10/05/2000 Olympica (CA) Seattle Pacific
Maya Tran 09/25/2000 Brown's LV Uncommitted
Joey Tsang 05/05/2000 Flight School (CA) Uncommitted
Maya Uemura 08/19/2000 Gymnastics Zone (CA) Uncommitted
Hannah VandenKolk 04/25/2000 Coastal Gymnastics Washington
Alexis Vasquez 12/28/1999 Winners Denver
Mackenzie Velarde 02/26/2000 Pacific Coast Uncommitted
Destiny Watley 09/24/2000 CCGI Sac State
Elizabeth Webb 06/16/2000 Redwood Empire Azusa Pacific A&T
Erin Weisel 01/17/2000 SCEGA Profile Illinois
Mikayla Wetherby 07/04/1999 Elite (Salinas, CA) Uncommitted
Sara Wiatrak 04/13/2000 Olympus (UT) Official Website Uncommitted
Tori Williams 06/05/2000 Desert Lights Gymnastics Utah State
Emma Wissman 12/15/2000 GTC (UT) Uncommitted
Sekai Wright 06/12/2000 American Long Beach UCLA
Natalie Yang 09/26/2000 San Mateo Gymnastics Official Website Penn
Zoe Zingerman 11/18/1999 Coastal Gymnastics Uncommitted

Region 2
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Sophie Anderson 12/29/1999 NAAG Uncommitted
Jaden Andrus 12/25/1999 Multnomah Athletic Club Arizona Christian A&T
Sarah Barron 11/04/1999 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Kristin Bivens 01/29/2000 Northpointe Oregon A&T
Milana Brane 05/07/2000 Cascade Elite Uncommitted
Alexandria Britz 02/28/1999 Auburn (WA) Alaska
Madison Brunette 04/20/2000 Metropolitan (WA) Profile | Website Stanford
Katrina Cline 12/16/1999 Metropolitan Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kendall Covey 08/08/2000 Auburn (WA) Profile Azusa Pacific A&T
Joanna Droppo 03/02/2000 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Maya Ford 02/17/2000 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Lily Gunning 04/04/2000 Falcon Gymnastics Uncommitted
Natalie Haffner 05/27/2000 Gym Northwest (OR) Uncommitted
Nicole Johnsen 05/17/2000 Mismo Gymnastics Official Website Hamline
Alicia Kern 09/17/2000 Emerald City (WA) Uncommitted
Morgan Lasko 08/14/2000 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Nicole Lauro 08/02/2000 Hawaiian Island Twisters Uncommitted
Ciello Magsanide 09/17/2000 Rainbow Gymnastics Seattle Pacific
Alexa McClung 10/17/1999 The Athletic Edge Uncommitted
Kyra McFeely 04/18/2000 Northwest (WA) Official Website Uncommitted
Alexis McKnight 03/03/2000 Metropolitan Seattle Pacific
Mya Mulligan Hawaiian Island Twisters Missouri
Ayla Nguyen 01/16/2000 Top Flyte (OR) Official Website Hawaii Pacific A&T
Destiny Onaka 10/03/1999 Island Tumblers Uncommitted
Kristina Peterson 12/15/1999 Metropolitan Profile Oregon State
Jennifer Powers 08/16/2000 Cascade Elite Official Website Boise State
Camri Reinhart 12/21/1999 Oregon Olympic Athletics Azusa Pacific A&T
Alexa Seeley 03/29/2000 Idaho Elite Uncommitted
Kortney Shaw 05/31/2000 Metro (OR) Hawaii Pacific A&T
Mathilda Smith 07/22/2000 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Samantha Smith 01/06/2000 Auburn (WA) Official Website Boise State
Alyssa Snyder 02/25/2000 NAAG Uncommitted
Alexandria Tate 03/30/2000 Auburn (WA) Uncommitted
Danielle Toman 02/17/2000 Tech Gym Uncommitted
Donna Webster 03/04/2000 Cascade Elite Cornell
Britney Wolfe 01/27/2000 Island Tumblers Uncommitted

Region 3
Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Esperanza Abarca 10/02/1999 WOGA Official Website West Virginia
Ellie Ambs 02/06/2000 J&R Gymnastics TWU
Emily Anderson 06/30/2000 Jenks Seattle Pacific
Mackenzie Balderas 12/17/1999 US Gold (TX) TWU
Leah Bivrell 08/05/1999 CO Gymnastics Institute Oregon State
Dominika Bonzagni 02/23/2000 US Gold (TX) TWU
Maya Bordas 03/09/2000 Capital (TX) Official Website Cal
Kelsey Boychuk 04/09/2000 5280 Gymnastics Iowa State
Abigail Brenner 10/21/1999 Metroplex Michigan
Hailey Bryant 02/06/2000 US Gold (TX) Winona State
Alex Browder 09/11/2000 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Sarah Calk 03/17/2000 Northwest Kids Official Website Urbana A&T
Caroline Danner 06/26/2000 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Katarina Derrick 12/01/1999 Pearland Elite Arkansas
Asia DeWalt 08/07/2000 AIM Athletics Alabama
Halley Dickson 03/06/2000 Denton Official Website Uncommitted
Amanda Elswick 05/25/2000 Capital (TX) Official Website Arkansas
Hannah Ewing 12/16/1999 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Sydney Ewing 09/21/1999 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Michigan State
Elizabeth Fulton 05/09/2000 Adrenaline Kent State
Sophie Gardner 09/01/2000 Zero Gravity (TX) Azusa Pacific A&T
Isabel Goyco 07/03/2000 Aerial Athletics TWU
Anique Grenier 09/24/2009 Incline Uncommitted
Lexi Griffith 03/07/2000 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website BYU
Makenna Griffith 02/25/2000 US Gold (TX) Uncommitted
Lauren Guerin 07/17/2000 Olympia Hills Official Website Iowa
Kennedy Hambrick 01/30/2000 Reflex (TX) Official Website Arkansas
Yasmin Hamilton 08/28/2000 Golden Grip (TX) Uncommitted
Kaira Hammond 08/28/2000 CO Gymnastics Institute UW-Oshkosh
Hunter Harrell 01/29/2000 Northwest Kids Official Website Uncommitted
Jenna Helm 09/09/1999 Adrenaline Uncommitted
Morgan Hoang 12/30/1999 Houston Gymnastics Center Stanford
Abby Holbrook 06/26/2000 Gym Unlimited (CO) Uncommitted
Reagan Hughes 05/26/2000 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Nikki Jeffers 08/03/2000 Champions (AR) Uncommitted
Rachel Jillson 09/27/1999 Bart Connor Gymnastics Baylor A&T
Lauren Joost 12/21/1999 CO Gymnastics Institute Penn
Erin Kelley 08/03/1999 US Gold (TX) Kansas
Devon Kiehne 09/10/2000 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website UC Davis
Michel Koch 04/20/2000 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Jacqueline Kranitz 06/24/2000 Colorado Aerials Official Website Iowa
Emma Lapinta 08/03/2000 Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Oklahoma
Amira Linson 06/20/2000 JAG (KS) Uncommitted
Anna Litton 12/28/1999 Bannon's Gymnastix Uncommitted
Mikayla Magee 06/04/1999 Pearland Elite Official Website Georgia
Hannah Matuszak 09/22/1999 South County Winona State
Kacey Middelkoop 07/12/2000 Richardson Gymnastics Profile Uncommitted
Grace Mineo 07/13/2000 Stars Houston Uncommitted
Haley Minor 06/24/1999 Pinnacle (KS) UW-Oshkosh
Rachel Morris 09/02/1999 Pearland Elite Profile || Official Website UW-Oshkosh
Sara Nevius 04/07/2000 J&R Uncommitted
Grace Quinn 04/18/2000 Texas Dreams Cal Berkeley
Arianna Patterson 08/20/2000 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Kentucky
Keaton Patterson 11/19/1999 JAG (Kansas) Oklahoma State
Savannah Pennese 09/27/1999 Rowland-Ballard Official Website Uncommitted
Lacey Piekarski 04/12/2000 Kurt Thomas Gymnastics Oklahoma
Kayla Pilcher 11/02/1999 Aerial Athletics Official Website Oregon A&T
Emory Pollard 11/20/1999 Precizion 509 Uncommitted
Kara Reaves 02/11/2000 North East Texas Official Website Arkansas
Jesseca Richmond 05/31/2000 Empire (TX) Official Website Uncommitted
Isabella Rodrequez 08/30/1999 Kansas Gymnastics (KGDC) Iowa State
Kendall Sanders 08/30/1999 VIP Gymnastics (TX) Centenary
Shaylah Scott 05/16/2000 Metroplex Gymnastics Illinois
Xian Seamon-Baumgartner 11/11/1999 G-Force (NM) Uncommitted
Mercy Seay 07/19/1999 Midland Gymnastics Baylor A&T
Dani Shafer 01/13/2000 CO Gymnastics Institute Boise State
Alexis Sheppard 07/19/2000 CO Gymnastics Institute Uncommitted
Cameo Stapleton 10/11/1999 Bart Conner Gymnastics Official Website Air Force
Alexis Stokes 06/02/2000 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Boise State
Mia Sundstrom 10/31/1999 Airborne (CO) Official Website Denver
Maria Tackett 07/23/2000 Ultimate (OK) Arkansas
Kendal Toy 07/06/2000 Metroplex Gymnastics Official Website Yale
Mackenzie Vance 05/01/2000 Olympia Hills Official Website Iowa
Kaitlyn West 03/29/2000 Diamond (KS) Winona State
Jenna Wicker 12/13/1999 WOGA Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Alexis Worthington 11/18/1999 J&R Limestone A&T
Glory Yoakum 03/07/2000 Pearland Elite Utah State

Region 4
Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Alexa Al-Hameed 03/25/2000 Triad Gymnastics Oklahoma
Taylor Boeke 12/10/1999 Liberty (MO) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Brummett 10/17/1999 Xtreme (MO) Air Force
Abigail Cibulka 10/19/1999 North Shore (WI) Uncommitted
Jessica Cordle 07/29/2000 Edge (MO) Official Website Uncommitted
Riley Danielson 03/14/2000 Legacy (MN) Official Website Kent State
Kennedi Davis 04/14/2000 Fuzion (MO) Arizona
Maya Demirchian 08/27/2000 GymQuarters Uncommitted
Moriah Draper 12/30/1999 Omega (NE) Uncommitted
Michaela Fisher 06/30/2000 Xtreme (MO) Uncommitted
Norah Flatley 03/10/2000 Chow's Gymnastics Official Website UCLA
Tori Frerichs 09/14/1999 GymQuarters Uncommitted
Bailey Galvin 06/14/2000 Twin City Twisters UW-LaCrosse
Libby Garfoot 08/28/1999 Omega (NE) Penn
Allie Gilchrist 11/12/1999 Chow's Gymnastics Iowa
Taylor Gilmore 03/16/2000 Gymfinity (WI) Wisconsin
Emily Gilot 11/12/1999 Stacey's UW-Oshkosh
Kaitlyn Gilson 11/08/1999 Twin City Twisters Profile Ohio State
Delaney Gipp 11/22/1999 Classic (MN) Official Website Iowa
Alexis Hickerson 11/02/1999 Flyaways Gold Uncommitted
Maggie Holm 07/09/2000 Twin City Twisters Uncommitted
Morgan Hooper 01/03/2000 Nebraska Gold N. Illinois
Rahdea Jarvis 10/11/1999 M&M Gymnastics Uncommitted
Linnea Jorgenson 11/22/1999 American Gold Boise State
Katie Kalland 01/03/2000 Roseville (MN) Hamline
Gabrielle Kennedy 11/15/1999 Swiss Turners Uncommitted
Aleysia Kolyvanova 03/03/2000 Synergy Gymnastics Official Website Air Force
Cassidy Krall 11/13/1999 Oshkosh Gymnastics Uncommitted
Danielle Kutsch 11/30/1999 Classic (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Emma Lamping 07/26/2000 GAGE Seattle Pacific
Madelyn Langkamp 03/15/2000 LaFleur's (WI) Official Website Iowa State
Madison Latzke 05/02/2000 Mankato Uncommitted
Melina Lopatin 12/30/1999 Team Central Official Website Uncommitted
Emily Lorimor 08/24/2000 Eagles (MO) Oregon A&T
Mimi Lucido 08/07/2000 Spearfish UW-LaCrosse
Gillian Luczyk Swiss Turners Uncommitted
Brooke Lutz 07/09/2000 Swiss Turners Uncommitted
Danielle Malecha 03/11/2000 Gleason's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Erin Mapson 09/15/1999 Pioneer (NE) Uncommitted
Makenzie Marciniak 04/12/2000 Missouri Valley Uncommitted
Maggie Marinovich 06/05/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website Notre Dama
Mackenzie Markley 03/31/2000 Xtreme (MO) Arizona Christian A&T
Samantha Mauermann 02/23/2000 M&M Gymnastics Uncommitted
Madeline McCabe 01/23/2000 Perpetual Motion Grinnell Track
Madison McNamee 11/17/1999 Missouri Valley Baylor A&T
Brooke Merila 10/17/2000 Twin City Twisters Gustavus Adolphus
Natalie Meyer 04/03/2000 TAGS South Uncommitted
Amanda Mocker 02/16/2000 All American (MO) Uncommitted
Kacey Mortenson 12/02/1999 GymFinity (WI) Uncommitted
Abigail Nylin 01/05/2000 Twin City Twisters Minnesota
Aisling Polley 02/2000 Legacy (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Jessica Powers 02/06/2000 Pioneer (NE) Profile Uncommitted
Maddie Quarles 07/10/2000 Twin City Twisters Denver
Mia Quigg 08/05/1999 Fuzion (MO) Illinois State
Hadley Roberts 07/02/1999 St. Louis Gym Centre Lindenwood
Sophie Rogers 01/07/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Elsa Runquist< 09/15/1999 Gleason's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sydney Rzonca 12/199/1999 Legacy (MN) Uncommitted
Michelle Sandoval 02/14/2000 Fuzion (MO) BYU
Addie Schipper 01/10/2000 Gymfinity (WI) Uncommitted
Trudy Schopefer 05/04/2000 Triad Gymnastics Missouri
Emma Simdorn 06/06/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website Minnesota
Marina Sivanich 05/10/2000 Twin City Twisters UW-LaCrosse
Alissa Sonier 07/27/2000 LaFleur's (WI) Official Website Minnesota
Lacey Squires 08/01/2000 Flip-Flop (MO) Profile Uncommitted
Diana Strahl 09/18/2000 Omega (NE) UW-LaCrosse
Annika Svendsen 10/01/1999 Classic (MN) Official Website Purdue
Tatum Sweeney 05/03/2000 TAGS - Eden Prairie UW- Eau Claire
Olivia Trautman 06/19/2000 Twin City Twisters Oklahoma
Maria Wagner 10/31/1999 Midwest (MN) Uncommitted
Abigail Weisser 01/14/2000 Classic (MN) Official Website Uncommitted
Izabella Wickus 02/24/2000 M&M Gymnastics Iowa State
Julia Wiest 08/15/2000 Fuzion (MO) Ball State
Grace Woolfolk 06/23/2000 JETS (MN) Iowa State
Kayla Wrasman 07/11/2000 Midwest Twisters (WI) Youngstown State Diving
Britany Young 03/07/2000 American Gold (ND) Uncommitted

Region 5
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Caroline Austin 08/22/2000 Oakland (MI) Official Website Uncommitted
Caitlin Banick 06/24/1999 Gym X-Treme (OH) Uncommitted
Holly Basile 03/22/2000 GTC Rochester Hills Official Website Yale
Rachel Beenders 07/23/2000 Gym Corner Uncommitted
Sadie Bish 12/23/1999 Legacy (KY) TWU
Nicole Borkowski 12/21/1999 New Heights Towson
Pixie Brock 05/10/2001 Buckeye Air Force
Emily Carless 09/26/2000 Branch (MI) Western Michigan
Alex Caruso 12/09/1999 IGI Uncommitted
Elizabeth Caterino 05/27/2000 Radiant Sportz Davis & Elkins A&T
Leah Clapper 11/05/2000 Gym America (MI) Official Website Florida
Anna Crysler 05/18/2000 Radiant Sportz Uncommitted
Trudy Davis 09/17/1999 Infinity (IL) Uncommitted
Nina Day 07/13/2000 Premier (IL) Official Website Davis & Elkins College A&T
Tirzah Delph 12/12/1999 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Julia Denkmann 06/12/2000 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nicole Dundas 01/22/2000 All Around (OH) Uncommitted
Ally Dunkin 03/31/2000 DeVeau's Converse A&T
Asia Rose DuVernay 02/01/2000 Geddert's Twistars Official Website Arizona
Alex Eby 02/26/2000 Perfect Balance (OH) Uncommitted
Amber Exton 08/04/2000 Mid-Illinois Uncommitted
Grace Fabry 12/16/2999 Elite (OH) Uncommitted
Sarah Fortuna 02/09/2000 Bartlett Uncommitted
Renata Fulk 08/23/2000 Elk Grove (IL) Uncommitted
Claire Gagliardi 05/06/2000 Olympic Dreams Ohio State
Kayla Gaines 03/14/2000 Champion (KY) Uncommitted
Emily Gaskins 05/23/2000 Cincinnati Alabama
Sammy Gouge 05/09/2000 Midland Gymnastics Gannon A&T
Jessica Graesel 05/08/2000 Hunts (MI) Uncommitted
Sajee Grindean 04/11/2000 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kelly Gustafson 10/27/1999 USGTC (IL) Uncommitted
Anna Haigis 06/01/2000 Queen City (OH) Kentucky
Brielle Hampton 03/16/2000 Infinity (IL) Uncommitted
Bebe Haramaras 05/15/2000 The Gymnastics Shop Uncommitted
Sarah Hargrove 02/28/2000 Cincinnati Gymnastics Nebraska
Lillian Harvey 03/14/2000 GTC of Ohio Uncommitted
Magdala Hayrcki 04/20/2000 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Heather Hendrickson 11/24/1999 St. Charles Gymnastics Arizona Christian A&T
Kaitlyn Higgins 02/19/2000 Gym Academy of Rockford Minnesota
Ashley Hofelich 12/17/1999 Oakland Gymnastics Michigan State
Abigail Hoffman 12/08/1999 CORE (MI) Official Website Gannon A&T
Marissa Holmes 01/05/2000 Southern Illinois Uncommitted
Brooke Hylek 05/03/2000 Gedderts Twistars Eastern Michigan
Madison Ianuzzo 03/24/2000 JPAC Kent State
Samantha Ito 02/04/2000 Phenom Gymnastics Uncommitted
Nicole Ivey 08/04/2000 Midland Gymnastics Gannon A&T
Monica Iyer 11/24/2000 Oakland Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sydney Jennings 05/30/2000 Olympia (MI) Ohio State
Taryn Johnson 11/20/1999 DeVeau's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Rylie Johnstone 12/24/1999 Midland Gymnastics UIC
Jenna Jones 10/02/1999 Gymnaworld Official Website Uncommitted
Mackenzie Kamysz 07/15/2000 Elk Grove (IL) Uncommitted
Anna Kaziska 05/13/2000 Champion (KY) SEMO
Alyssa Keller 01/10/2000 All American Flames Western Michigan
Audrey Keller 04/06/2000 Wright's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Olivia Keller 09/21/1999 Rising Star (IN) UW-Oshkosh
Alivia Kendrick 09/20/1999 Perfection (OH) Arizona
Bridget Killian 10/26/1999 Legacy Elite (IL) Iowa
Camryn Klein 04/01/2000 DeVeau's Gymnastics Profile Kent State
Alaina Kosto 03/23/2000 Hunts (MI) Central Michigan
Kendra Lindway 11/12/1999 Gymnastics World (OH) Kent State
Skylar Lingl 05/11/2000 Crystal Lake (IL) Uncommitted
Carissa Ludwig 01/31/2000 Stars & Stripes (MI) W. Michigan
Tanjae Lugo 06/02/2000 St. Charles Gymnastics Uncommitted
Beth Luther 07/04/2000 IGI Uncommitted
Angelina Maestranzi 05/11/2000 Aerial (IL) Illinois
Marisa Malczynski 11/16/1999 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Anna Mariacher 01/10/2000 JPAC Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kelsey Martz 07/17/1999 New Heights Official Website Northern Illinois
Morgan McEntire 01/18/2000 DeVeau's Gymnastics UW- Whitewater
Molly Meehan 05/11/2000 USGTC (IL) Uncommitted
Delaney Mikos 09/29/1999 World Class (IL) Uncommitted
Colby Miller 02/18/2000 Perfection (OH) Ohio State
Savanna Mills 09/25/1999 Wright's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mallory Mizuki 07/18/2000 Olympia (MI) Illinois
Tressa Molinar 03/27/2000 Lake Erie Gymnastics Uncommitted
Madiha Morris 07/26/2000 IGI Uncommitted
Hannah Morrow 02/06/2000 IGI Iowa State
Faith Mylin 07/27/2000 Bartlett Uncommitted
Taylor Newland 05/27/2000 Universal Gymnasts Official Website Temple
Alyssa Nore 12/17/1999 Energym (IL) UW-Oshkosh
Angel Nunnery 10/10/1999 Legacy Elite (IL) Uncommitted
Rhea Oberoi 07/12/2000 Premier West (IL) Uncommitted
Veronica Palmer 09/13/2000 Legacy (KY) Uncommitted
Stephanie Pellegrino 02/22/2000 Balance Institute of Gym Uncommitted
Kayla Perez 07/24/2000 Legacy Elite (IL) Air Force
Bailey Pihera 08/06/2000 St. Charles Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lily Putney 04/21/2000 All Around (OH) Uncommitted
Kara Roberts 12/31/1999 Splitz (MI) E. Michigan
Madison Roehrs 01/03/2000 Southern Indiana Uncommitted
Amanda Roy 05/15/2000 Hunts (MI) Uncommitted
Paige Sanders 11/14/2000 Splitz (MI) Oakland Track
Caitlin Satler 04/07/2000 United (IL) EMU
Katarina Schaffer 02/17/2000 Crystal Lake Gymnastics Official Website Indiana University
Jamie Scherdin 03/11/2000 Gym Academy of Rockford Winona State
Sydney Schocker 12/04/1999 Extreme (MI) Michigan State
Stefanie Schweikert 12/24/1999 Queen City (OH) Uncommitted
Andrea Stancik 09/27/1999 Bartlett Uncommitted
Wesley Stephenson 09/13/1999 Legacy Elite (IL) Stanford
Airiana Sterr 01/04/2000 Aspire (IL) Uncommitted
Brianna Sting 04/16/2000 Bay Valley (MI) Uncommitted
Avery Stoll 06/16/2000 Gym X-Treme (OH) Iowa State
Torie Stotz 06/08/1999 IGI Profile Illinois
Lucy Stout 07/26/2000 Westside (IN) Converse A&T
Saige Thomas 05/16/2000 Exceleration (OH) Uncommitted
Carina Tolan 08/08/2000 United (IL) Iowa
McKenna Toungate 12/29/2000 JPAC W. Michigan
Madison Trott 11/08/1999 Olympic Dreams (OH) Kent State
Anna Van Belleghem 01/10/2000 Libertyville Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lauren Volpe 01/18/2000 Libertyville Gymnastics Ball State
Livia Walberer 04/21/2000 Champion (MI) Uncommitted
Kayla Walder 11/17/2000 Oakland Gymnastics Official Website Urbana A&T
Abigail Walsh 08/25/2000 Olympia Gymnastics Official Website Brown
Makenna Watt 09/07/2000 Euro Stars Gymnastics Uncommitted
Aliyah Welter 01/05/2000 I-Power School of Gym Louisville
Emily Whitis 07/23/1999 Libertyville Gymnastics UW- Whitewater
Alyssa Wiedeman 02/20/2000 Perfection (OH) Michigan State
Ashley Willicut 05/09/2000 Cincinnati Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Madison Wollenzier 06/05/2000 Power in Motion (MI) Uncommitted

Region 6
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Maine

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Sarah Alaimo 12/17/1999 New Image Quinnipiac A&T
Annie Bailey 02/12/2000 Nashoba West Chester
Leah Bates 05/14/2000 Cape Cod Uncommitted
Sara Buchner 09/08/2000 Galaxy (NY) Oregon A&T
Alana Calabrese 10/18/2000 Gymnastics Express Too Springfield
Molly Carney 03/03/2000 MA Gymnastics Center Uncommitted
Jordyn Catherall 08/16/2000 Ace (NY) Alderson Broaddus A&T
Kendra Combs 07/07/2000 Gymnastics Express Too West Virginia
Carson Cronin 09/14/1999 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Minnesota
Amara Cunningham 04/20/2000 Galaxy (NY) Temple
Adnerys De Jesus 06/04/2000 Darien YMCA Nebraska
Emma Delia 02/27/2000 American (CT) Official Website Uncommitted
Sierra Demarinis 11/21/1999 Roots Gymnastics Central Michigan
Varvara Diakakis 02/01/2000 Infiniti Elite Profile | Website Bridgeport
Kiera Doherty-Herwitz 02/24/2000 New England Sports Academy Official Website Seattle Pacific
Cassidy Girolamo 07/23/2000 NEGX Official Website SCSU
Leah Gneco 07/24/2000 Galaxy (NY) UNC
Abigail Graham 12/19/2000 Arena (CT) Profile Uncommitted
Caitlin Gray 10/11/2000 Gymnastics Express Too Utah State
Amanda Grigas 07/02/2000 Dynamic (NY) Profile Ithaca
Kallie Grochowski 04/20/2000 Roots Gymnastics Bowling Green
Caileigh Gulotta 03/25/2000 Infiniti Elite William & Mary
Megan Hanley 10/20/2000 Mid-Island (NY) Uncommitted
Jadyn Hogan 08/11/2000 Gym Unlimited (NY) Uncommitted
Natalie Horowitz 09/02/2000 Daggett Gymnastics Iowa State
Allison House 05/25/2000 Niagara Uncommitted
Emma Humphrey 03/23/2000 Aim High (RI) Bridgeport
Catherine Ireland 02/26/2000 World Class (NY) Uncommitted
Nicole Jackson 03/20/2000 New Image SUNY Brockport
Marissa James 03/07/2000 Brestyan's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Greta Jaye 07/09/2000 Mid Island Uncommitted
Leah Jewett 07/08/1999 John's Academy of Gym Official Website Springfield
Samantha Jezak 02/19/2000 Gym-Ken Uncommitted
Callie Johanson 12/19/1999 Dynamic (NY) Alabama
Elle Johnston 11/03/1999 New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics UNH
Haley Kondo 03/09/2000 World Class (NY) Cornell
Sydney Kraez 05/16/2001 Tim Daggett Gold Medal Penn
Brianna Laggis 05/27/2000 CT Gymnastics Academy Official Website Uncommitted
Isabella Lanata 07/28/2000 NEGX SCSU
Kristin Lang 02/24/2000 Rochester Gymnastics Academy Official Website West Virginia
Jessica Lopez 03/15/2000 Mid Island (NY) Temple
Lilliana Lucchese 08/30/2000 New Image Quinnipiac A&T
Miranda Lund 02/15/2000 Hotshots (NY) Cornell
Charis MacCuish 02/16/2000 New England Sports Academy Official Website Uncommitted
Noely Macias 11/26/1999 Nashoba SCSU
Mackenzie Macleod 05/01/2000 Dudziak's Gymnastics Springfield
Jillian MacPhee 08/20/2000 Ace (NY) Uncommitted
Rebecca Magee 11/17/1999 Planet Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Shileigh Martinez 08/21/2000 Prestige (RI) Bryant
Sara Maughan 08/21/2000 All Stars (NY) Cornell
Natalie McCormack 01/09/2000 CT Gymnastics Academy SCSU
Hannah Moynihan 09/09/1998 Metro South Gymnastics James Madison
Julia O'Sullivan 11/25/1999 Elite Gymnastics (MA) Uncommitted
Sydney Olson 05/09/2000 Elite Gymnastics (MA) URI
Natalie Ortof 06/22/2000 Phoenix (NY) Uncommitted
Sophie Parquet 12/30/1999 10.0 Gymnastics Profile Bridgeport
Sophia Petrillo 10/02/1999 Brestyan's Gymnastics Brown
Hailey Reiff 01/26/2000 Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons Uncommitted
Charlotte Reynolds 11/08/1999 10.0 Gymnastics Eastern Michigan
Kamryn Rodriguez 12/07/2000 Kennett SUNY Cortland
Liana Roman 12/18/1999 CT Gymnastics Academy Northern Illinois
Nicole Ross 11/18/2000 Gym Sports Academy Uncommitted
Tiffany Sahm-Khiamdavanh 05/08/2000 Valley (NY) Uncommitted
Ava Sandford 05/25/2000 10.0 Gymnastics Uncommitted
Reid Schaefer 06/16/1999 World Class (NY) Auburn
Mia Schlarbaum 12/07/1999 Rochester Gymnastics Auburn
Alisa Sheremeta 06/22/2000 Galaxy (NY) Official Website UIC
Jenna Shoren 02/12/2000 Aim High (RI) Hawaii Pacific A&T
Cassie Snyder 01/07/2000 World Class (NY) SUNY Brockport
Hannah Stahlbrodt 01/20/2000 Gym Connection 2 SCSU
Jordan Streete 08/21/2000 Roots Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sari Thaler 05/17/2000 Aim High (RI) Ball State
Eden Thomas-Lutchmedial 01/25/2000 Nina's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jensen Todd 03/06/2000 Valley (NY) Official Website SUNY Brockport
Jamie Vogt 03/14/2000 The Victors Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ashlyn Wahl 09/24/1999 Arena (CT) Duke
Kiera Walker 10/26/2000 New Image Quinnipiac A&T
Dorothy Wernick 01/15/2000 World Class (NY) SUNY Brockport
Cassie Wishner 02/17/2000 Galaxy (NY) Uncommitted
Olivia Zona 10/21/1999 10.0 (MA) Official Website GW

Region 7
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Jessie Addo 04/15/2000 Stafford Gymnastics Uncommitted
Sydney Alexander 11/23/1999 Hurricane (VA) Uncommitted
Summer Alpaugh 02/04/2000 Hanover (PA) Profile | Official Website Ursinus
Josie Angeny 01/06/2000 Prestige (PA) Official Website Kentucky
Makiera Anderson 09/17/2000 Docksiders Uncommitted
Paige Apperson 12/09/1999 Silvia's Gymnastics GW
Melissa Astarita 03/01/2000 Action (NJ) Official Website Penn State
Paige Bachner 06/21/2000 X-Cel Gymnastics (PA) Bowling Green
Hannah Baddick 11/16/1999 Frederick Gymnastics Official Website UNH
Chelsea Baker 01/09/2000 Ace Gymnastics (NJ) Official Website SCSU
Simone Banen 02/04/2000 North Stars (NJ) GW
Sara Bell 09/29/1999 Pittsburgh Northstars West Chester
Mia Betancourt 06/16/2000 Berks Rutgers
Carli Bingaman 04/14/2000 Silvia's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mackenzie Black 02/12/2000 United (PA) WVU
Dominique Boothe 06/04/2000 Virginia Techniques Converse A&T
Kelly Brady 11/06/2000 Paramount (NJ) Uncommitted
Emma Brown 12/18/1999 Skyline (PA) Profile Ursinus
Carolyn Brown-Kaiser 10/15/1998 Arlington Aerials Uncommitted
Sophie Bruskof 05/27/2000 North Stars (NJ) Maryland
Elena Burek 06/20/2000 Pittsburgh Northstars Pittsburgh
Kylie Caputo 05/09/2000 Devlin Gymnastics Uncommitted
Ava Caravela 01/23/2000 North Stars (NJ) Ohio State
Ava Caruso 05/30/2000 Action (NJ) Uncommitted
Arianna Castrence 03/21/2000 Apollo (VA) Temple
Brenna Cavanaugh 12/18/1999 Gym Dandys Uncommitted
Deja Chambliss 02/22/2000 Richmond Olympiad GW
Alyssa Christopulos 12/10/1999 Paramount (NJ) URI
Samantha Coda 12/27/1999 Carol Leone Lions Uncommitted
Abi Collins 05/31/2000 Roanoke Academy of Gymnastics Official Website Presbyterian A&T
Tabitha Corwin 06/03/2000 Gym Dandys Uncommitted
Mei-Li Costa 04/30/2000 Arena (NJ) Brown
Jillian Creswell 09/15/2000 Win-Win (MD) Uncommitted
Dariah Csuvay 07/29/2000 Force (Lehigh Valley) Uncommitted
Alexandra Cucich 08/07/2000 Action (NJ) Official Website UNH
Anna Curtis 10/04/1999 First State Gymnastics Official Website Uncommitted
Taylor Cusick 02/06/2000 Action (NJ) Official Website Ursinus
Samantha Davis 06/01/2000 North Stars (NJ) Georgia
Angelina DiNardo 05/08/2000 Perfect 10 (PA) Uncommitted
Nicolette DiPrisco 08/31/2000 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website N. Illinois
Charlise Doctor 08/18/2000 Excalibur Gymnastics Illinois State
Lauren Donnelly 11/29/1999 Trinity (PA) Uncommitted
Ashley Duke 04/29/2000 Apollo (VA) Profile West Chester
Emma Dums 06/17/2000 Virginia Techniques Uncommitted
Morgan Durant 12/05/1999 Will-Moor Gymnastics Miami University
Sara Marie Ellis 03/03/2000 Frederick Gymnastics Uncommitted
Rose Fanara 04/19/2000 Paragon (VA) West Chester
Margzetta Frazier 02/25/2000 Parkettes UCLA
Kameryn Furiness 06/23/2000 Arena (NJ) Uncommitted
Lyssa Garber 11/02/1999 World Class (VA) Uncommitted
Melissa Ginaldi 09/28/1999 Central Bucks Official Website Uncommitted
Katelyn Goldstrom 09/16/1999 Gymsport Bowling Green
Tara Gologram 08/19/2000 Perfect 10 (PA) Robert Morris
Morgan Gossard 12/25/1999 Uzelac Gymnastics Uncommitted
Allison Graves 09/09/1999 Head Over Heels (NJ) Uncommitted
Shannon Gregory 09/14/2000 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website E. Michigan
Molly Greenspan 11/15/1999 Gymolympic (PA) Uncommitted
Charlotte Haaf 03/12/2000 Premier (NJ) Uncommitted
Cameron Hall 04/05/2000 Capital (VA) Utah
Anna Marie Haywood 11/04/2000 Pittsburgh Northstars William & Mary
Samantha Henry 07/15/2000 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (ASAP) Kent State
Laurie Hernandez< 06/09/2000 MG Elite Professional
Mia Highfill 08/18/2000 GMS Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mackenzie Horn 12/20/1999 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Rachel Hornung 01/04/2000 Pittsburgh Northstars West Virginia
Donna Howell 02/16/2001 United Sports (PA) Penn State
Kelly Jackson 12/27/1999 Hill's Gymnastics Air Force
Brooke Jacobi 01/07/2000 Parkettes Gymnastics Springfield
Griffin James 05/17/2000 Gymstrada Alabama
Ashley Jones 06/13/2000 Sportsplex Uncommitted
Nicole Kaplun 09/05/2000 US Gymnastics Development Center Uncommitted
Abigail Karolewski 06/29/2000 Head Over Heels (NJ) Profile Rutgers
Amanda Katz 11/18/19999 US Gymnastics Development Center Uncommitted
Alexis Kelly 07/14/2000 Ace Gymnastics (NJ) Uncommitted
Mackenzie Kennedy 01/26/2000 GMS Gymnastics Uncommitted
Mary Kerr 07/27/2000 Pittsburgh Northstars Uncommitted
McKenna Kissinger 06/23/2000 Frederick West Chester
Caitlyn Kline 12/30/1999 Northeast Gymnastics Official Website Pittsburgh
Kaylin Knapsack 05/10/2000 Cherry Hill Gymnastics Uncommitted
Carly Kosanovich 04/30/2000 X-Cel Gymnastics (PA) Eastern Michigan
Danielle Lanziano 01/06/2000 Rebound (NJ) Uncommitted
Brenna Lawrence 05/24/2000 Chantilly Uncommitted
Allison Lehmann 09/05/1999 Pittsburgh Northstars Virginia
Lorianna Leynes 10/26/1999 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (ASAP) Temple
Hailey Lui 04/20/2000 Silvia's Gymnastics UNH
Rachael Lukacs 12/14/1999 North Stars (NJ) Georgia
Skylar Manning 06/07/2000 Capital (VA) UW-Oshkosh
Addison Mansini 07/20/1999 Virginia International Gymnastics School University of Richmond
Julia Marinari 04/27/2000 Spirit (PA) West Chester
Molly Martin 02/03/2000 Phoenixville (PA) Official Website Seton Hall Diving
Gina Martino 03/08/2000 Central Bucks Uncommitted
Hope Masiado 08/25/1999 Girls Co-Op Official Website Boise State
Madison McGee 07/08/2000 Virginia International Gymnastics School Uncommitted
Katie McGraw 03/16/2000 Centre Elite Pittsburgh
Mariella Miele 03/22/2000 North Stars (NJ) UNH
Olivia Miller 12/02/1999 Gymkhana (PA) Pittsburgh
Safiya Miller 11/18/2000 North Shore (MD) Brown
Yesenia Morales 10/25/2000 TNT Elite (NJ) Uncommitted
Tess Muir 07/25/2000 ENA Paramus Official Website Bowling Green
Maggie Musselman 04/21/2000 Hill's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Marita Musser 01/29/2000 Berks Limestone A&T
Lilja Olafsdottir 10/11/1999 Bozhi's Gym Nest Official Website Seattle Pacific
Madison Pailthorp 07/13/2000 Harford Gannon A&T
Stella Pashaian 06/23/2000 Paramount (NJ) Uncommitted
Marimar Perez-Banus 10/19/1998 Excalibur Official Website Uncommitted
Marisol Perez-Banus 02/23/2000 Excalibur Official Website Uncommitted
Sophie Plechner 01/02/2000 Prestige (PA) Uncommitted
Sophia Polgar 01/18/2000 Northeast Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kaylee Quinn 02/29/2000 North Stars (NJ) Nebraska
Maria Ramsey 12/27/1999 Docksiders Gymnastics Uncommitted
Jenna Ramunno 04/05/2000 Top Flight (NJ) Clemson
Olivia Raymond 04/27/2000 North Stars (NJ) Official Website GW
Nya Reed 01/05/2000 Capital (VA) Official Website Florida
Brianna Reitnauer 02/01/2000 Prestige (PA) West Virginia Wesleyan A&T
Kaitlyn Repos 07/26/2000 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (ASAP) Indiana University Purdue
Sophia Restaino 05/05/2000 North Stars (NJ) Penn
Marion Richard 10/09/1999 GMS Gymnastics Virginia Tech
Adeline Rieder 06/02/1999 United Sports (PA) BYU
Kiley Robatin 04/13/2000 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (ASAP) Pittsburgh
Julianna Roland 07/22/2000 Cherry Hill Gymnastics Official Website Bridgeport
Alexsis Rubio 02/25/2000 Arena (NJ) Maryland
Kayla Schmeck 09/14/1999 Northeastern Uncommitted
Taylor Sell 10/13/1999 Prestige (PA) Official Website West Virginia
Jenna Shuey 03/16/2000 Chantilly James Madison
Brooke Simpkins 05/28/2000 VA Techniques Uncommitted
Leah Smith 07/24/2000 Gymstrada Profile | Website Towson
Raine Smith 11/02/2000 North Stars (NJ) Uncommitted
Danika Spencer 12/06/1999 Bozhi's Gym Nest Uncommitted
Carleigh Stillwagon 04/22/2000 Head Over Heels (NJ) Official Website Western Michigan
Alexis Tekin 03/17/2000 Top Flight (NJ) Texas
Jacqueline Terpak 11/08/1999 Prestige (PA) Official Website Temple
Trinity Thomas 04/07/2001 Prestige (PA) Florida
Stephanie Tripodi 04/01/2000 North Stars (NJ) Arizona State
Ashleigh Turek 12/07/1999 World Class (VA) UW-Whitewater
Brianna Tusavitz 04/05/2000 Berks East Uncommitted
Keerston Underkoffler 01/11/2000 Gym Center of Hershey Uncommitted
Jacie Van De Zilver 03/22/2000 Action (NJ) Official Website Azusa Pacific A&T
Leann Wentling 12/20/1999 Artistic Sports Academy Plus (ASAP) Uncommitted
Mia Williams 06/27/2000 1st Class Gymnastics Uncommitted
Imani Wingfield 03/18/2000 Will-Moor Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emily Wojcik 02/02/2000 Silvia's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Natalie Wojcik 10/14/1999 Stallone Michigan
Sydney Wrighte 02/18/2000 Hill's Gymnastics Official Website Auburn
Haley Zarrett 02/13/2000 Central Bucks NC State

Region 8
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee

Name DOB Gym Extra Info Committed
Tess Abbott 04/02/2000 High Point Gymnastics Official Website Iowa State
Erika Abbruzzese 02/11/2000 Precision South (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Olivia Adams 03/13/2000 Tataru's Gymnastics Uncommitted
Abby Allain 04/18/2000 JamJev (AL) Official Website Uncommitted
Sterlyn Austin 04/20/2000 Georgia Elite Georgia
Amelia Bailey 05/03/2000 Florida Elite Ithaca
Grace Bardes 11/16/1999 Gymstars (TN) Air Force
Emie Barrett 09/21/1999 JamJev Gymnastics (AL) Official Website Uncommitted
Carley Bayles 09/07/1999 Athletes In Motion Profile Utah State
Abby Bjerke 03/08/2000 North Metro (GA) Kennesaw State
Ashley Bruneman 06/08/2000 Lakewood Ranch Florida
Mackenzie Bryson 12/31/2000 Magnitude 10.0 (TN) Uncommitted
Jada Buggs 03/24/2000 Gym Unlimited (FL) Florida International
Callie Butler 08/09/2000 Georgia All-Stars Kennesaw State
Chloe Campbell 10/03/2000 Bull City Gymnastics William & Mary
Caroline Caplinger 06/05/2000 LaFleur's (FL) UCF
Alyssa Carter 09/15/2000 Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
Charity Chen 01/24/2000 Tampa Bay Turners Dartmouth
Sabrina Cheney 01/31/2000 Orlando Metro Official Website Auburn
Edythe Chestnut 09/27/1999 Gym Unlimited (FL) Michigan State
Kyra Childress 01/03/2000 Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
Audrey Colnot 10/29/1999 Sparkle City UNC
Aundria Crittenden 08/02/2000 Georgia Elite Baylor A&T
Katherine Cunningham 07/15/2000 High Point Gymnastics Uncommitted
Rebecca D'Antonio 06/16/2000 Cypress Pointe LSU
Samantha Decker 04/28/2000 Acrosmith Gymnastics Official Website SEMO
Carley Dockins 02/07/2000 Intrique Uncommitted
Madison Doolittle 10/06/1999 Hayden's Gymnastics Official Website Arizona Christian A&T
Alisha Dudeck 05/07/2000 Suncoast Uncommitted
Portia Durden 01/24/2000 Park Avenue (FL) Uncommitted
Lyla Dyer 10/12/1999 Nashville Gymnastics Auburn
Ally Eidson 05/25/2000 Gym Academy of Charleston Uncommitted
Sandra Elsadek 06/18/2000 Lakewood Ranch Ball State
Joanna English 05/10/2000 Palmetto Gymnastics Uncommitted
Michelle Espinosa 02/17/2000 Universal (FL) Cornell
Theresa Evangelista 12/26/1999 Team Attraction Official Website West Liberty A&T
Katelyn Fandrich 12/27/1999 Sparkle City Official Website Alaska
Jidea Flahnma 07/25/2000 GGA-Lawrenceville Official Website Uncommitted
Faith Foister 11/16/1999 High Point Gymnastics Uncommitted
Kailin Foland 11/03/1999 Team Attraction Official Website NCSU
Rachel Fornal 12/12/1999 Gymnastics & More (SC) Uncommitted
Alyssa Frankhouser 09/28/1999 TNT Gymnastics (FL) Official Website Uncommitted
Grazia Fricano 01/04/2000 Evo Athletics Uncommitted
Katie Bell Fulcher 02/01/2000 C&C Gymnastics (GA) Georgia
Alexis Fuller 04/05/2000 Roswell (GA) Uncommitted
Kaila Gamaldo 11/22/1999 Gym Unlimited (FL) Limestone A&T
Kelsey Garner 09/22/1999 Extreme (GA) TWU
Corinne Gautreaux 08/10/2000 Huntsville (AL) Auburn
Lauren Gist 06/11/2000 Gymnastix (GA) Mississippi
Derrian Gobourne 01/10/2000 Lakewood Ranch Official Website Auburn
Taylor Gomes 10/17/1999 Port City Glenville State A&T
Courtney Goodrich 09/25/1999 Orlando Metro Uncommitted
Emma Grant 04/07/2000 River City (TN) Official Website UW-LaCrosse
Alexandra Greenwald 07/11/2000 American Twisters Iowa
Kitty Guenther 07/24/1999 Gymstars (TN) Uncommitted
Claire Guittard 09/08/2000 Shooting Stars King A&T
Tawn Gurnsey 03/11/2000 Brandy Johnson's Official Website Baylor A&T
Crystal Gwinn 09/24/1999 Suncoast (FL) Bridgeport
Peyton Halliday 07/29/2000 Palm Coast (FL) Uncommitted
Skye Hamilton 12/18/1999 Golden City (FL) Florida State
Molly Hanley 02/07/2000 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Hayley Hawkins 04/20/2000 ETC Gymnastics (TN) Alderson Broaddus A&T
Megan Hawkins 05/23/2000 Cabarrus County UW-LaCrosse
Abby Heiskell 01/25/2000 Southeastern Official Website Michigan
Olivia Hovis Premier Athletics (TN) Uncommitted
Savana Hugie 03/23/2000 Lake Murray Gymnastics Uncommitted
Emerson Hurst 08/27/2000 Starlight Gymnastics Official Website Towson
Moria Ivey 03/13/2000 Charleston Twisters Uncommitted
Tiffany Jeng 12/23/1999 Cobb Challengers Georgia Tech
Ashlyn Johnson 03/04/2000 Sun Country Official Website Air Force
Brashlyn Johnson 09/09/1999 Thomas Gymnastics (SC) West Chester
Naomi Johnson 02/27/2000 Team Attraction Uncommitted
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf 08/02/2000 Brandy Johnson's Official Website Florida
Abigail Johnston 01/20/2000 American Twisters Nebraska
Jasmine Kauffman 02/12/2000 Lakewood Ranch Towson
Emily Grace Keene 09/11/2000 JamJev Gymnastics (AL) Uncommitted
Kendall Knaps 05/15/2000 Athletes in Motion Centenary
Rachel Lewellen 03/16/2000 Gymstars (TN) UW-Whitewater
Sage Littlejohn 09/30/2000 Orlando Metro Official Website Temple
Marina Livelsberger 02/13/2000 High Point Gymnastics Official Website Ball State
Hannah Lutz 06/28/1999 Boost Kentucky
Jade Martin 02/04/2000 Tampa Cornell
Gracey Maxwell 12/27/1999 Lakewood Rach Official Website Uncommitted
Brooke McAfee 11/19/1999 Chapin Christian Official Website Limestone A&T
Hannah McCrary 05/21/2000 Let it Shine (TN) Official Website Missouri
Kaylee McDonald 05/11/2000 Tift Gymnastics Uncommitted
Lyndsee McDonald 05/11/2000 Tift Gymnastics Uncommitted
Daina Mizrachi 07/20/2001 TAG USA Uncommitted
Abbigail Morrow 09/17/1999 ETC (TN) Uncommitted
Megan Mustgrave 11/02/1999 Morgan's Uncommitted
Olivia Nesbitt 06/02/2000 Let it Shine (TN) Uncommitted
Sierra Nibbe 11/17/1999 Palm Coast (FL) Uncommitted
Cally Nixon 12/28/1999 International (FL) Kentucky
Berkeley Nolan 04/28/2000 Gymnastix Clemson
Marissa Nychyk 09/08/1999 Coast Elite (FL) Ball State
Natalie Payne 09/09/2000 Gymnastics USA (Ace-FL) Profile | Website TWU
Khloe Parker 11/05/1999 Tift Gymnastics Uncommitted
Savanna Parnell 10/14/1999 Kidsport Liberty
Kyla Pea 12/30/1999 LaFleur's Tampa Uncommitted
Samantha Peene 05/23/2001 Lakewood Ranch Uncommitted
Anna Perdun 11/09/1999 First in Flight Gymnastics Florida State
Alyssa Perez-Lugones 01/07/2000 GGA-Lawrenceville Official Website Georgia
Maya Perez-Lugones 01/07/2000 GGA-Lawrenceville Official Website Uncommitted
Jenna Pinheiro 10/29/1999 Reflex (FL) Uncommitted
Isabel Platis 02/10/2000 LaFluer's Tampa Florida State
Katie Player 09/14/2000 Thomas Limestone A&T
Alaina Raybon 12/09/2000 Gymnastics & More (SC) Official Website Uncommitted
Emily Razzano 06/07/2000 North Metro (GA) Uncommitted
Andey Reynolds 02/21/2000 Southern Elite (SC) Presbyterian A&T
Meredith Robinson 01/18/2000 Everest Gymnastics Official Website NCSU
Alexandra Ruiz 10/28/1999 ACE Gymnastics (FL) Denver
Madelyn Sarlo 04/25/2000 LaFleur's Largo Uncommitted
Carolina Schlawiedt 03/11/2000 360 Gymnastics (FL) Hamline
Savannah Schoenherr 09/02/2000 Georgia Elite Official Website Florida
Emma Slinkman 05/01/2000 Gym Like This (FL) South Florida
Rachel Smith 04/27/2000 Gymstars (TN) Southern Utah
Valerie Smith 02/10/2000 Sonshine Official Website Air Force
Anna Morgan Spangler 09/12/1999 Calvin Twisters Alabama
Jaylen Spence 03/25/2000 Gymnastix (GA) Illinois
Shailyn St. Brice Everest Gymnastics Uncommitted
Allie Stern 12/31/1999 Perfect Balance (NC) Official Website Oklahoma
Daija Stevenson 08/26/2000 Paulding Gymnastics Air Force
Samantha Strickler 06/11/2000 Tampa Bay Turners Iowa State
Emery Summey 02/18/2000 High Point Gymnastics Official Website UNC
Halley Taylor 02/01/2000 LaFleur's Tampa Florida
Bree Tucker 08/12/2000 Cabarrus County Uncommitted
Caroline Versluis 04/23/2000 Gymnastix (GA) Official Website Uncommitted
Abbie Vollenweider 01/04/2000 North Shore (LA) Mississippi State
Grace Waguespack 12/01/1999 Gymnastics USA (Ace FL) Stanford
Charlee Walker 03/25/2000 Edgewater Gymnastics Uncommitted
Abbey Ward 07/03/2000 Orlando Metro Official Website Georgia
Abbey Williams 03/21/2000 Intrique Uncommitted
Bonnie Ziegenfelder 05/06/2000 Sun Country (FL) Utah State