After over 10 years, it's time to change GymDivas.

We have been working on GymDivas.Us during our spare time and it can be very time consuming. We simply don't have time to keep all profiles updated anymore due to our busy schedule. We also have been doing this for free on our own time and we paid domain out of our pocket.

After discussing with a few colleagues, it's time to change GymDivas. GREAT NEWS, we are bringing GymDivas back, but it will be slightly different. It will still list all gymnasts by graduation year, but they won't have a profile anymore since it takes up a lot of our time. However, we do have two options for you. GymDivas will return on April 1st.

Free Membership
You may add your daughter's name under graduation year for free (No profile). You also can add a link to her official website, if she has one already.

One-Year Membership
If you do not have a website and you want a basic profile, just like the one we had before, you may purchase a membership for a year. With this, you're allowed to update it once a year (Usually after the season). It will be $19.99.

We apologize that we took down GymDivas abruptly. If you need help with college recruiting, be sure to check out They are offering 15% discount for anyone who is interested in getting a website. Sign up and pay for it by April 1st to receive this discount. E-mail Whitney at or visit the website to contact Whitney.