Name: Michelle Campi
Birthday: July 29, 1976
Club: Pozsar's
College: Washington
Videos: YouTube

Michelle Campi was born on July 29, 1976. She is the daughter of Celi Campi. She began gymnastics in Florida. She soon moved to Texas to train under Karolyi. She was placed in Rick Newman's group. In 1989, Rick Newman and Celi Campi fell in love. After they left their spouses and moved in together, Karolyi fired Rick. They moved to Sacramento to train at Poszar's Gymnastics.

Her first major national meet was the 1990 US Classic. She finished 21st all-around. Michelle then competed at the 1990 US National Championships as a member of Karolyi's Gymnastics. She finished fifteenth all-around. She barely missed a spot on the national team. After the National Championships she followed Rick Newman to Pozar's Gymnastics. Michelle competed at the 1991 US Classic. She finished in 10th place. At the 1991 US Nationals she placed 14th all-around. Michelle won a silver medal at the World Gymnastics Championships later that year. She finished out her 1991 season by placing sixth all-around at the Catania Cup.

She competed at the 1992 USA versus Japan Dual Meet. She placed fourth all-around and helped the team win. At the 1992 US Nationals Michelle finished third all-around. Michelle was having a great 1992 season till she injured herself just days before the Olympic Trials. She was able to compete at the second trial and made the Olympic team. However, she injured herself again and became the Olympic alternate. Michelle was still able to stand on the Olympic podium and receive a bronze medal for the team's performance. Her first meet of the 1993 season was the American Cup. She placed 11th all-around. Michelle placed fifth all-around at the US National Championships. Michelle was scheduled to compete at the 1994 World Championships but had a back injury a day before the meet. After this incident, Pozsar fired Newman. They moved to Dynamo in Oklahoma. Not long after, she retired from elite gymnastics and accepted a scholarship at Washington. She competed on beam and floor her freshman year only.


US Olympian
1992: US Nationals- 3rd AA
1991: World Championships- 2nd TM

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